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Why Did You Do That?

Often we make choices that puzzle those about us. What we wear, where we go, the people we choose as our companions and friends.  Even the words we use, all seem foreign to so many in the world around us. But why is this? While so many in the world choose things based on what […]

Being a “World Changer”

One of the greatest disappointments that Christian’s face is the state of the world in which we live. People indulge about every “lust of the flesh… lust of the eyes… and pride of life…” (1 John 2:16) action they can in pursuit of pleasing themselves. The result of course is the degraded society in which […]

Just As I Am

One of the beautiful hymns we sing has the title above  It expresses the truth that we come to Jesus with a heart aching from sin and looking to Jesus and His sacrificial love to save us, realizing our inability to deal with sin by ourselves.  But isn’t it tragic that so many seem to […]