Works We Support

Jim and Judy O’Connor

Jim and Judy O’Connor began full time work in the Lord’s service in 1972 at Hannibal, Missouri, having graduated from the Northside School of Preaching in Harrison, Arkansas. They have three children, Penny, Tracy and James, Jr. In 1974 Jim made his first overseas trip for work in India, continuing that work on an annual basis while laboring in local work. In 1991 Jim and Judy left local work and went into full time evangelistic work under the oversight of the elders of the 39th Street Church of Christ in Independence, Missouri.

While in the States Jim and Judy continue their work by Bible Correspondence Course and communicating by letter. Jim also works in Gospel Meetings, IBS lectureships, reports on the work, fill-in preaching, and anything else that will keep him busy and that he has time for.

The work which Jim and Judy are involved in – International Bible Studies – is supported by congregations of the Church of Christ and individual Christians throughout the United States. There are also eighteen gospel preachers in India and one gospel preacher in the Philippines that receive their personal support through this work.

Jim and Judy request the prayers of faithful Christians on behalf of the work they do. If they can be of service to any other sound evangelistic effort they are happy to do what they can.

You can contact Jim and Judy at:

200 SW 18th Street
Oak Grove, Missouri

Wayne Brewer, Mabelvale Arkansas

In 2002 the elders at 39th Street were informed of the work which Wayne Brewer had begun with the church in Mabelvale, Arkansas in the Hispanic community. The congregation here has been associated with Wayne for several years in our yearly lectureship as well as evangelistic endeavors in Latvia and in Costa Rica, thus they were well acquainted with his desires and ability in taking the gospel to others.
As the elders investigated the work they were impressed with the need and prospects of the work and determined to continue support in 2003. We appreciate Wayne’s efforts as well as the work of the Mabelvale congregation which oversees the work. To the left are the reports which Wayne has sent for those interested in this good work.

The importance of the work can be seen in this excerpt from one of Wayne’s reports:
Updated United States census figures released  in January 2003 report that Hispanics are now the largest minority in our country, making Hispanic mission work in the United States even more vital. The report affirms to everyone who has an interest in lost souls that it is a needed mission effort. Although done in the United States, Hispanic work needs to be viewed from the same perspective as overseas mission work because it is the work of taking the gospel to people with a different language and culture.

You may contact Wayne at…
Wayne Brewer
Mabelvale Church of Christ
P.O. Box 345
Mabelvale, Arkansas 72103

Evangelists supported in India:

M. Devapaul

Guntur, India

Viswasa Rao

Emani, India

Jamaica Evangelism

For many years Eugene and Luvenia Jenkins have been involved in taking groups to Jamaica to assist in spreading the Gospel of Christ. We have been blessed to be able to provide funds for this good work for several years, not only assisting Eugene and Luvenia, but also others of the group.

Chuck Northrop

Chuck is one of the instructors at the Bible Institute of Missouri in Springfield, Missouri. He also is an instructor with the Online Academy of Biblical Studies ( and makes several mission trips to other countries each year. We have been able to assist with Chuck’s support as he labors in these good works.

Bible Institute of Missouri –

We regularly support preaching students at the Bible Institute of Missouri as they go through the 2 year program of study.

Click HERE to view the website of this school of preaching in Springfield, Missouri.

Additional efforts are also supported as the need arises. The 39th Street congregation has always been active and involved in the spreading of the gospel throughout the world in local and foreign efforts.