Spanish Tracts

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  • Important Note: If you are requesting a large number of tracts (over 100), please provide us with information on the purpose of the tracts, and some information about your congregation.
  • As with all materials on this site (or any other) we ask that you search the Scriptures to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11). If you have a request for specific information feel free to contact us at the page you reached us from and we will strive to add material that will be of benefit to your studies.
  • You are welcome to use all material found here with the following stipulations:
    • The material must be left in original form as to content
    • Credit must be given as to origin (author) and source
    • No charge may be made for the materials if you distribute them
  • You can click the title of the tract to view it online


  Available Tracts

¿BAUTISMO? (Baptism) – Chuck Northrop

¿Que Sabemos De La Vida Eterna? (Can I Know The Preparation For Eternal Life?) – Larry Growns

¿Transformó JESUS el agua en vino? (Did Jesus Turn Water To Wine?) – Chuck Northrop

¿EXISTE LA IGLESIA DEL PRIMER SIGLO HOY? (Does The First Century Church Exist?) – Jim O’Connor

¿Necesito Bautiza A Mi Bebe? (Does My Baby Need To Be Baptized?) – Robin Haley

El Estándar de Autoridad de Dios (God’s Standard of Authority) – Chuck Northrop

Como Ser Libre (How To Be Free) – Jack Williams

Inspiración, ¿Es LA BIBLIA DE DIOS O DE HOMBRE? (Inspiration, Is the Bible From God or Man?) – Chuck Northrop

Introduciendo la Iglesia de Cristo (Introducing the Church of Christ) – Jack Williams

Introducción a la Bíblia (Introduction to the Bible) – Wayne Brewer

¡JESUS TIENE SOLAMENTE UNA IGLESIA (Jesus Has Only One Church) – Randy Watson

Jesús- Hijo de Dios (Jesus – Son of God) – Chuck Northrop

Jesús- Hijo del Hombre (Jesus – Son of Man) – Chuck Northrop

¿ANTIGUO O NUEVO TESTAMENTO, CUAL DEBEMOS SEGUIR? (Old Testament or New Testament, Which Should I Follow?) – Chuck Northrop

¿LA IGLESIA DE CRISTO, QUIENES SON ESTAS PERSONAS? (The Church of Christ, Who Are These People?) – Larry Growns

¿Qué Debo Hacer Para Ser Salvo? (What Must I Do To Be Saved?) – Jack Williams


ADORACIÓN Dios, el Objeto (Worship – God, the Object) – Jim O’Connor

ADORACION En Espíritu y en Verdad (Worship – In Spirit and In Truth) – Ted Thrasher

ADORACION Conceptos Erróneos (Worship – Misconceptions) – Eugene Jenkins

ADORACION Sin Autorización (Worship – Unauthorized) – Jack H. Williams

ADORACION La Avenida de Oración (Worship – The Avenue of Prayer) – Jeremy Northrop

ADORACION La Avenida de Canto (Worship – The Avenue of Song) – Robin W. Haley

ADORACION La Avenida de Comunión (Worship – The Avenue of Communion) – Bill Goring

ADORACION La Avenida de Instruccion (Worship – The Avenue of Instruction) – Chuck Northrop

ADORACION La Avenida de Contribución (Worship – The Avenue of Contribution) – Randy Watson

ADORACION Mi Responsibilidad (Worship – My Responsibility) – Phil Williams