Weekly Memory Verse Lesson

What do you know….?

How many times have you heard this phrase used in a conversation? We toss the idea of knowing about
in our everyday life with a certainty that makes life orderly and “sane”! Think of all the things we know,
such things as what money is worth, we know what an hour is, we know that certain roads lead to certain
destinations, we know how much a cup is when making a meal from a recipe. Can you imagine the
horror of trying to live a life in which such knowledge was unattainable? Chaos would reign. But do you
know what is really odd? When it comes to matters of religion people seem to actually prefer and
promote the idea that knowledge is unattainable. People believe and teach that we cannot really know if
we are saved or lost, if there is a singular way of salvation or worship. You hear that all people have their
own “interpretation” and that these are varied in what they teach. But what is the result of such
teachings? Chaos! Denominationalism is promoted wherein the goal is that there are distinctive and
different teachings on just about every religious question that man can conceive of. “But what’s wrong
with that?” people ask. “After all, isn’t diversity best where everyone can have the religion or church of
their choice?” The simple answer is “NO!”. Such ideas are an absolute denial of what God has said – “ye
shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). Man may find “comfort” in differing
teachings, but God says freedom comes with truth!
Jack H Williams