Annual Mid-West Lectures

Each year during the 3rd full week of September brethren come from throughout the United States to enjoy the fellowship of hundreds of other Christians at the Mid-West Lectures. Over 25 faithful gospel preachers proclaim the truth of God’s Word on a variety of topics in 32 lessons. These lectures have been distributed on audio and video tape throughout the world and since 2000 have been made available free of charge on the Internet in both video and written form. Our prayer is that these lessons will continue to add to the growth and encouragement of souls for many years to come.

Lectures that are available on the Internet are (Click links below to visit the page):

September 15-19, 2019 – “Heaven”

September 16-20, 2018 – “Living In The Shadow Of The Cross”

September 17-21, 2017 – “There CAN Arise Another Generation That Knows God”

September 18-22, 2016 – “Be” … The Challenge To Live God’s Way   (Also available on our Youtube page)

September 20-24, 2015 — “Do You Know…? – Character Studies From The New Testament”

September 21-25, 2014 — “Do You Know…? – Character Studies From The Old Testament”

September 15-19, 2013 — “How Great Thou Art”

September 16-20, 2012– “I Know”

September 18-22, 2011– “They Should Be Turned Unto Fables”

September 19-23, 2010– “Father Forgive Them…” A Study of Forgiveness”

September 20-24, 2009 — “God’s Precious Promises”

September 21-25, 2008 — “We See Jesus”

September 16-20, 2007 — “Following The Narrow Way To Heaven”

September 17-21, 2006 — “Mark Them Which Walk So” (Philippians 3:17) – Examining Examples from God’s Word”

September 18-22, 2005 — “Conditional Christian Living” – Lessons from the Word “Except”

September 19-23, 2004 — “Issues Facing The Church”

September 21-25, 2003 — “Then Cometh The End – A Study of Subjects Pertaining to the End of the World”

September 15-19, 2002 — “1st Century Ethics in a 21st Century World”

September 16-20, 2001 —  “Christian Evidences” September 17-21, 2000 — “Ready To Give An Answer”