Our Local Works

Weekly Bulletin

If you would like to receive our bulletin by email, please send your request to secretary@kc-cofc.org

Vacation Bible School

the third full week of June is the usual date for a Monday through Friday night study with classes for all ages. This is always an enjoyable and valuable time of fellowship and study.

IBS Tracts

We have over 150 titles currently in print. These tracts are used by individuals within the congregation for their personal study and evangelistic efforts. We also have the privilege of providing the tracts to congregations throughout the area and throughout the world. If you would like to have a sample packet, email us at jhw@kc-cofc.org with your request, or you can view the tracts online  on the Study Links page

Correspondence Courses

We provide study opportunities to all interested in furthering their Bible knowledge. In addition to the 18 lesson IBS Series published by us, we use several other series available to us. All use only the Bible as the text for study. If you would like to enroll for one of these courses, click here, or email 39cofc@gmail.com with your request.

Spring Gospel Meeting

Each Spring, usually April – May, we host a gospel meeting which emphasizes the gospel message to those still within the world. As with our lectureship, we enlist the aid of faithful gospel preachers to present the lessons. The success of these meetings is dependent on the zealous labors and commitment of the members of the congregation.

Annual Midwest Lectures

Each year during the 3rd full week of September brethren come from throughout the United States to enjoy the fellowship of hundreds of other Christians at the Mid-West Lectures. Over 20 faithful gospel preachers proclaim the truth of God’s Word on a variety of topics in 32 lessons during that Sunday through Thursday. These lectures have been distributed on audio and video tape throughout the world and since 2000 have been made available free of charge on the Internet. Our prayer is that these lessons will continue to add to the growth and encouragement of souls for many years to come.